Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tri Color Chapati

This Chapati will be colorful and kids will love it. Hope most of us have hard time to feed kids. I have lot of experience in this but my kids like chapati, so to attract them thought of doing colors and its healthy too no need to feed veg separately.


Wheat flour
3 Cups
Spinach pure
½ Cup
Tomato pure
½ Cup
½ Cup
3 tsp


Take 2 hands full of spinach cook that with little water for 10 minutes and grind that to fine pure.Take 2 medium sizes ripe tomatoes boil for 10 minutes peel the skin and blend that to fine pure.
Divide the wheat flour into three parts. For one portion add spinach pure and 1 tsp oil and mix and make soft dough. Second portion add tomato pure and oil make soft dough. To the third portion add water and make regular chapati dough. Put them in Air tight container and rest for 2 hours.

After 2 hours take the dough and roll to big circle with ¼ inch thickness. Do this for all the colors. Then keep one over the other and make three layers as shown.

Now roll that from one end to other and make like a wrap seal the side (just press the dough inside).

Next pull both the ends and also roll the dough from center to sides, to elongate the dough.
Now cut them into pieces. Take one piece and again roll that to thin circle.

Toast the rolled one on hot tava and serve with any gravy.

  • Depending on the flour the water measurement might change I used Aashirvaad atta flour. Mine stayed soft until next day.
  • If your chapatti is hard add ghee or oil while toasting it.
  • Don’t keep the dough in air for long time. As soon as you spread that put that on hot tava but not super hot.


Ann said...

Manju, Tricolor chapati looks soo Yumm!

ASAI said...

Excellent idea Manj. Healthy n Colorful chapathi

Asiya Omar said...

Looks Really Yummy.Happy to follow you..

Jaleela said...

wow super , Healthy and colourful