Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cooking With Seeds (CWS) Event Round Up

Here comes the roundup for CWS Event hosted in my space. Need to thank Priya of Priya's Versatile Recipes for giving such a nice opportunity. I got around 20 different recipes based on yellow moong dal, It was nice to know some new recipes through this event and its time to thanks for all participants for sharing recipes here.

1 Dal Baati 11 Long Beans Poricha Kuzhambu
2 Mixed Dhal 12 Moong dal Vada
3 Dry Mung Daal 13 Moong dal/ no masala kadappa
4 Moong Dal Halwa 14 Moong Oats
5 Amarantha Leaves Stir Fry 15 Kadappa - side dish for idly/ dosa
6 Moong dal kara dosa 16 Vegetable Dal Dalia
7 Potato moong dal stew 17 Cherupayar payasam
8 Bottle Gourd Kootu with Moong dal 18 Foxtail Millet pongal
9 Pudalangai/Snake Gourd Poriyal 19 Beans Moong Poriyal
10 Moong Dal/ Flour Balls - Payatha Urundai 20 Moong Dal fry


To Know more about Cooking With Seeds Event click here

Friday, August 2, 2013

WTML Event Round Up and Winner Announcement

First I need to thank all the participants for making last months WTML a great success. I need to thank Gayathri of Gayathri's Cook Spot for giving such a nice opportunity to host here Event Series.

Here comes the list of entires.

1 Paneer Tikka Masala 48 Paneer Makhani
2 Homemade Bisibelebath podi 49 Salsa Verde
3 Palak Mutter Paneer 50 Bloody Mary
4 Kadai paneer 51 Dal Fry
5 Chettinad Kavuni Arisi 52 Madras Potato Chops
6 Methi Paneer Rajma Curry 53 Tomato Juice
7 Palak Paneer 54 Okra Garlic Fry
8 Uluvalu Califlower Curry 55 Chole Samosa Chat
9 Tandoori Skewers 56 Puttukadalai Urundai 
10 Asian Noodles Pancakes 57 Pumpkin Fritters
11 Corn tomato Bharta 58 Suran Bataka ni Khichadi
12 Amaranth leaves stir fry 59 Grated Carrot Salad
13 Baked Vegetable Taquitos 60 Chocolate Chip Brittle
14 Gujarati Dal 61 Mango Vermicelli Kheer
15 Dal Khichadi 62 Wheat flour Paniyaram
16 Choorma na ladoo 63 Vegetable Pasta
17 Vermicelli Upma 64 Milagai Bhaji
18 Banana Oats Milkshake 65 Cabbage Kootu
19 Kadu manga Achar 66 Garden Vegetable Wrap
20 3 ingredients energy bars 67 Easy Rice flour Chappati
21 Sheer khurma 68 Masala Rava kichadi
22 Badam Poori 69 Coconut Chutney
23 Appala Kuzhambu 70 Multigatawny Soup
24 Baby Potato Stir fry 71 Sweet corn Paneer Salad
25 Punjabi Chole 72 Khasta Kachori
26 Mango Milkshake 73 Potato Peanut Chaat
27 Thai Curry with mock duck 74 Moong Dal Fry
28 Soji, green Banana Bajji 75 kadalai Parupu Sundal
29 Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu 76 Sweet Potato and Soya Tikki
30 Califlower varuval 77 Waffle Pizza
31 Thakkali Chutney 78 Dahi Vada Aloo Dum
32 Palak Paneer 79 Quick Paneer Biriyani
33 PeanutButter Cookies 80 Mughlai paratha
34 Paneer Bhurji 81 Oma Podi/ Palin Sev
35 Strawberry Cookies 82 Paneer Tikka Masala
36 AlooBonda 83 Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin
37 Vatha Kuzhambu 84 Sweet Corn Mint Pulao
38 Potato, Cucumber, Chickpe 85 Spinach Chapathi
39 Lauki Ka Paratha 86 Keerai Vadai
40 Karela Sabzi 87 Grape Juice
41 Dahi Vada 88 Simple Quick Potato Gravy
42 PeanutButter Cookies 89 Sun dried and Spinach Quinoa
43 Vegetable Lentil Dalia 90 Almond Fudge balls
44 Kolhapuri Pav Missal 91 Simple Vermicilli Upma
45 Tofu and veg Munchrian 92 Green Plantain Kofta Curry
46 Bhindi Kurkure 93 Creamy Vegetable Soup
47 Nannari Lemon Sharbath 94 Paneer pakodas not fried

Gayathri selected a winner through random number generator, and the lucky winner is Priya Suresh of Priya’s Versatile Recipes for Amarnath Leaves Stir Fry.
Congrats Priya, please email your India contact information to gayathri for receiving your gift.
Once again thanks for all my participants and friends to made this event a grand success.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beans Moong Poriyal

Hi friends, I know it’s been longtime didn’t get a chance to write in my space. Oh! Its vacation time, after enjoying three weeks of vacation, now me and my kids are in lazy and tired phase still we need set our routine life.

When we plan to cook we use to make dishes according to our mood and energy, hope most of you will accept this. Due the laziness yesterday our lunch was very simple to give a healthy twist tried this Beans Moong curry.


Beans chopped
2 cups
Split moong dal
¼ cup
Onion chopped
¼ cup
Mustard seeds
½ tsp
Dry red chili
1 Tbsp

  1. Dry roast moong dal until it leaves nice aroma and soak that in water for about an hour.
  2. In a kadai, saut̩ mustard seeds, dry red chilies, curry leaves and onion for 2 Р3 minutes.
  3. Then add chopped beans and fry for couple minutes now drain the water from dal and add moong dal to fried beans and add enough water and salt.
  4. Cover with a lid and cook until beans and dal is cooked well.
Sharing to: Priya’s Host Page

Monday, July 1, 2013

Cooking With Seeds Event - Yellow Moongdal

This is my first host event, feeling so happy need to thank Priya who is writing at Priya‘s Versatile Recipe for giving such a wonderful opportunity.  
Most of you might know about this event, priya was conducting this for past three years. As the name says Cooking With Seeds we use to select one seed per month and using that seed ad main ingredient we need to prepare our dishes and summit here.
In Indian cooking Seeds or Legume or Lentils play main role in our each meal, I need to say without this our meal never completes. This month I choose Yellow Moong dal which is nothing but skin removed split mung beans.
Yellow Moong is a good source for protein and dietary fiber; it’s also rich in potassium, B complex vitamins and calcium. One more thing is it’s easy to digest when compared with other lentils. It’s always good to start yellow moong for infants first.
If your cooking with Yellow moong anything from soups, stews, rice, etc.. to ice cream and desserts, don’t forget to share in this event.
Rules for the Event:
  1. You can use Yellow moong in any form (whole, crushed, powdered, etc.), you can cook, bake or make any dishes (vegetarian, vegan or Non vegetarian).
  2. Many entries per person are allowed.
  3. Use of logo is appreciated because it helps to spread the word.
  4. Give a link to this Event Announcement Page and Priya’s Host Page (Mandatory)
  5. Use logo and add announcement links for the archived post and repost it we will accept archived with these changes.
  6. Use the linky tool for sharing your recipe in this event.
  7. Please like our Facebook Page and follow us through GFC
  8. Event starts on July 1st and ends at July 31st.

Due to some issue in my linky tool its not working, so please share your recipes through my email I will add them in roundup. sorry for the inconvenience.

Link Your Entries Here:

Sunday, June 30, 2013

WTML Event



Here comes my next event for this month, Need to thank Gayathri who is writing under Gayathri’s Cook spot for past 2-3 years. She got such a lovely blog with vegetarian recipe and mostly with step by step pictorial explanation.
Walking Trough the Memory Lane is started by Gayathri in January 2012 and each and every month she gives a chance for co bloggers to host this event this month it’s my turn. Such a lovely topic, as soon as I saw the name I fall in love, because this event take you to the childhood, Yep you can cook and post what all food you learnt from you Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunty, Uncle etc.. With a short story related to that dish in your life. 
I usually post every month at least one or two recipes for this event. One good thing is Gayathri will select an entry through random selection and give away the book for the selected entry. Note that books Gayathri gives are not sponsored and it’s her own contribution to the event.
Guess What?
Desi Khana By Tarla Dalal


Here come the Rules:

  • While posting the recipe give a link to this page and Gayathri’s Announcement page.
  • Use of logo is appreciated because it helps to spread the word.
  • Many entries per person are allowed.
  • If you are linking an archived entry, please update it the link to this page and Gayathri’s Announcement page.
  • Two entries from the archies are accepted.
  • Only vegetarian recipes are accepted. Eggs not allowed.
  • Non-Bloggers can also send in their entries by mail to . I will include it in the round up.
  • Please like our Facebook Pages and follow us through GFC.
  • Use the linky tool below for sharing your recipe in this event.
  • Event Starts on July 1st and ends at July 31st
On the first of August, Gayathri will select a lucky winner and send a mail. After receiving her mail, you can give an address to which she needs to ship the book. She will ship the book within India so if you reside abroad, please give an address in India for her to ship.

Due to some issue in my linky tool its not working, so please share your recipes through my email I will add them in roundup. sorry for the inconvenience.

I request all my readers to help me in making this event a huge success.

Thanks You.


Share your recipes here.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Raw Mango Rice / Maanga Sadam

Green is one of the pleasant colors for eyes, when it’s coming to cooking with green there are lot of vegetables available in green. Even we use to refer leaf vegetables as greens, which are healthy ones. Hope you might have found today’s color right now, Yep its green, I choose green mango as main ingredient but the final result is yellow.


Raw mango
1 ½ cups
Cooked Rice
3 cups
Mustard seeds
1 tsp
Split chana dal
1 Tbsp
Split urad dal
½ Tbsp
Cashew nut
1 Tbsp
Roasted peanuts
2 Tbsp
A pinch
Turmeric powder
¼ tsp
Green chili
Curry leaves

  1. Peel the skin of green mango and shred it.
  2. Once the rice is cooked spread that in a large bowl and allow cooling.
  3. Heat oil in a kadai, splutter mustard seeds and asafetida then add split chana and urad dal saute for a minute.
  4. Next add green chilies, cashew nut and peanut when they start to turn brown add turmeric, curry leaves and cilantro (half portion).
  5. Saute for few more seconds and add shredded mango and salt, give a nice stir and turn of the stove.
  6. Then add cooled rice and mix well. Garnish with remaining cilantro and serve it hot with chips.
Mango should be very sour then only you can get good flavor in rice.