Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Katharikai Curry / Eggplant Gravy

For the second day of wedding occasion theme I choose Sri Lankan food, I have a Sri Lankan neighbor when ever she arrange a party there will be Eggplant gravy in here food list. When I was asking her about this dish I came to know this is one of their important dish in wedding, I tried first but it didn’t taste like one I tasted in here place. For the second time I got the recipe from here and tried it came out well even she approved it, thanks Sri Theevi for sharing your recipe.
Poricha Katharikai Curry (Deep Fried Eggplant Gravy) as the name says this gravy is made out of tamarind water, coconut milk and some spice powder and finally need to add deep fried eggplant. It can be served with rice, puttu and idiappam.


Eggplant (Chinese)
2 big
Onion chopped
½ cup
4 pods
Mustard seeds
¼ tsp
Fenugreek seeds
¼ tsp
Chili powder
2 tsp
Coriander powder
1 Tbsp
Tamarind paste
1 tsp
Turmeric powder
¼ tsp
Coconut milk
3 – 4 Tbsp
Curry leaves
2 Tbsp + Deep fry
as per taste
For Spice Powder:
Fennel seeds
1 tsp
1 inch
1 small



  1. Cut the eggplant length wise (2 inches) and ¼ - ½ inch thickness; soak in water with a pinch of salt until needed (this avoids turning brown).
  2. Heat oil in a frying pan, squeeze the eggplant and dry using paper towel or kitchen towel and deep fry until brown. Remove the excess oil using paper towel. Deep fry the garlic also in same oil (until you see brown spots).
  3. Heat 2 tablespoon of oil in pan, splutter mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds then add chopped onion few curry leaves sauté until golden brown.
  4. Add tamarind paste with 2 cups of water and allow it to cook, when it starts to boil add chili powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder and salt.
  5. Cook until the raw smell of tamarind goes and the gravy should be thick, in this stage add coconut milk and allow it to boil once add fried eggplant and garlic, give a gentle stir to mix everything together.
  6. Dry roast the ingredients of spice powder and ground that to fine powder using mortar add ½ tsp of this powder to the gravy and turn it off.

  • Instead of deep frying you can bake them, but the traditional method is deep frying it adds taste too.
  • To remove excess oil from fried eggplant, cover the eggplant with paper towel and place some weight on top change the paper couple times. This helps to remove most of the oil. If you don't remove the oil properly then the gravy will be oily.
  • You can add another teaspoon of coconut milk if you feel tangier. Instead of coconut milk you can add regular milk again coconut milk enhances the taste.
  • Curry will turn thick after cooling so cook accordingly, if you feel it’s very thick add boiling water and a pinch of salt for adjusting the desired consistency.
  • If you have Sri Lankan chili powder add that instead of chili powder and coriander powder.
  • For best taste use home made chili powder and coriander powder.
  • When deep frying open windows it use to smell strong.


Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj said...

wow it looks super good...

Pallavi Purani said...

What deep color of the gravy.

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Quite an interesting curry,sounds very flavourful.

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sounds inviting and must be a flavorful one...

Harini-Jaya Rupanagudi said...

Sounds flavorful..Eggplant lovers will have a feast!

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My H is a die hard fan of egg plant.love the flaovur.

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Sounds very inetresting. I lovbe the color.

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Such a flavorful eggplant curry. Looks delicious.

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Kathirikkai with all the spices sounds delicious :)

Savitha Ganesan said...

I can imagine,that this curry is worth to try.

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Wow this curry is a new addition to my eggplant recipes list. thanks I am bookmarking this

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Love eggplant in any recipe. This looks delicious...

Gayathri Kumar said...

Love eggplant in any recipe. This looks delicious...

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I have learnt a similar recipe, but with dates and all from a Srilankan family. Nice recipe!

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