Monday, July 1, 2013

Cooking With Seeds Event - Yellow Moongdal

This is my first host event, feeling so happy need to thank Priya who is writing at Priya‘s Versatile Recipe for giving such a wonderful opportunity.  
Most of you might know about this event, priya was conducting this for past three years. As the name says Cooking With Seeds we use to select one seed per month and using that seed ad main ingredient we need to prepare our dishes and summit here.
In Indian cooking Seeds or Legume or Lentils play main role in our each meal, I need to say without this our meal never completes. This month I choose Yellow Moong dal which is nothing but skin removed split mung beans.
Yellow Moong is a good source for protein and dietary fiber; it’s also rich in potassium, B complex vitamins and calcium. One more thing is it’s easy to digest when compared with other lentils. It’s always good to start yellow moong for infants first.
If your cooking with Yellow moong anything from soups, stews, rice, etc.. to ice cream and desserts, don’t forget to share in this event.
Rules for the Event:
  1. You can use Yellow moong in any form (whole, crushed, powdered, etc.), you can cook, bake or make any dishes (vegetarian, vegan or Non vegetarian).
  2. Many entries per person are allowed.
  3. Use of logo is appreciated because it helps to spread the word.
  4. Give a link to this Event Announcement Page and Priya’s Host Page (Mandatory)
  5. Use logo and add announcement links for the archived post and repost it we will accept archived with these changes.
  6. Use the linky tool for sharing your recipe in this event.
  7. Please like our Facebook Page and follow us through GFC
  8. Event starts on July 1st and ends at July 31st.

Due to some issue in my linky tool its not working, so please share your recipes through my email I will add them in roundup. sorry for the inconvenience.

Link Your Entries Here:


Unknown said...

lovely event will sure participate

Shruti J said...

Nice event!!! Have linked my 'Dry Mung Daal' here :)

Unknown said...

Hi Manju..

Lovely event .. I have linked in Moong Dal Halwa.

happy hosting.

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Unknown said...

Yummy. I guess this is a favorite of many Indians loving spicy food